VMX Forklifts

The VMX mast design gives precision sliding with no side sway. Durable double sealed roller bearing and case hardened rollers are employed. The outer section features bolted construction instead of welding to eliminate distortion. Precision high tensile steel I-beams produced in Germany complete this radical design. All front mounted models come standard with tilt. Sideshift is available as an option on any model. When not in use the forks can fold over out of the way.


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Ultimate visibility

Ultimate visibility – patented clearview fork design


Folding forks

When not using the forklift the forks can be folded out of the way


See through forks

The patented see through forks makes it easier to see the tip of the fork reducing the chance of damaging produce


The IMAX System

The unique IMAX system integrates the mountings, tilting system and sideshift mechanism in one ultra compact unit, virtually hidden by the front of the tractor and giving almost unobstructed vision down the side of the bonnet.


Back Frame

The optional back frame adds safety when carrying more than one bin




  • Models available: 2 + 3 stage
  • Lift height: 1.1m to 3.6m
  • Lift capacity: 1200kg + 1500kg
  • Unit weight: 200kg – 550kg
  • Hydraulics required: 12-60 litres/min, 2500-3000psi

High Visibility Range


An optional 3rd service for powering other implements is available


An optional hydraulic accumulator is for the main lift rams reduce and bruising of fruit


Why Landquip

Landquip has been designing and manufacturing smart equipment for the rural sector since 1982. Our competent staff love the challenge of creating specialised machinery that help both agricultural and horticultural farmers.

Based in Hawkes Bay, one of New Zealand’s key horticultural regions, means we can keep close to the people in each of the sectors we serve. We look and listen, ensuring that all our products are designed offering cost-effectiveness, durability and workplace safety with the objective of delivering solutions to make the task easier and more satisfying.

We stand behind our proven products which are thoroughly tested before being put on the market. Our guarantee is to provide you with best possible service and support.