Landquip VMX Toolcarrier is a very versatile addition to your operation, both on the Farm and in the Vineyard

-Farm A new handling situation has arisen for farmers as more and more bulk goods arrive to the farm on pallets. VMX™ Toolcarrier Farm is an innovative and versatile new concept which gives farmers a convenient, cost effective alternative to a front-end loader. It is excellent as a secondary lifting unit on the farm. VMX Toolcarrier can be quickly and easily fitted to any tractor on your farm via its 3 point linkage and has several important advantages when handling these types of goods. -Vineyard

Lanquip’s versatile VMX™ Toolcarrier can quickly mount virtually any implement used on a vineyard: post-hole borers, leaf pluckers, net winders – the list goes on. Toolcarrier makes it safe and easy for one person to attach implements. No more hammers, spanners, crowbars or frustration and no more vine trimmers dangerously swinging from a block and tackle in the shed.


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Heavy lifting

Up to 1500kg lifting capacity


Lift height

Up to 3.0m lift height


Clearview mast

Hustler patented clear view design



Can be adapted to fit the front of the tractor


Eurohitch implements

VMX Toolcarrier Farm incorporates the industry standard Eurohitch fitment, allowing any Eurohitch attachments to be fitted. Bale grabs, bale forks, pallet forks, in fact almost anything you would normally attach to your 3 point linkage, can be fitted.* And with VMX Toolcarrier fitted you can still hitch a trailer to your drawbar.




  • Models available: 2 + 3 stage
  • Lift height:1.1m to 3.6m
  • Lift capacity:1200kg + 1500kg
  • Unit weight:200kg – 550kg
  • Hydraulics required:12-60 litres/min, 2500-3000psi

Optional Extras

High Visibility Range PowerBlock An optional 3rd service for powering other implements is available HydraFloater An optional hydraulic accumulator is for the main lift rams reduce and bruising of fruit

Why Landquip

Landquip has been designing and manufacturing smart equipment for the rural sector since 1982. Our competent staff love the challenge of creating specialised machinery that help both agricultural and horticultural farmers.

Based in Hawkes Bay, one of New Zealand’s key horticultural regions, means we can keep close to the people in each of the sectors we serve. We look and listen, ensuring that all our products are designed offering cost-effectiveness, durability and workplace safety with the objective of delivering solutions to make the task easier and more satisfying.

We stand behind our proven products which are thoroughly tested before being put on the market. Our guarantee is to provide you with best possible service and support.