Landquip Pruning Sweeps are designed to suit your farm needs.

Landquip have made Pruning Sweep machines for the last 30 years. The original design was a rear-mounted machine run off the 3 point linkage of your tractor. This was fitted with Hay Tynes. We now only manufacture front mounted hydraulic machines which means cleaning up after pruning can now become a single pass operation.

We offer a range of options for different applications. The rubber flap model is predominantly used in the pipfruit sector with the flaps also clearing out weeds from underneath trees. The brush model is a more gentle sweeping action and is mostly used in vineyards where you can have stones and irrigation lines which you don’t want disturbed.

We are always striving to advance our product and we listen to customer's feedback and are willing to consider adaptations of our standard range to suit different applications where a pruning sweep would be useful.



  • Designed for Orchards and Vineyards
  • Brushes made from nylon or rubber
  • Manual or hydraulic adjustment
  • Front-mount 3 point linkage



Why Landquip

Landquip has been designing and manufacturing smart equipment for the rural sector since 1982. Our competent staff love the challenge of creating specialised machinery that help both agricultural and horticultural farmers.

Based in Hawkes Bay, one of New Zealand’s key horticultural regions, means we can keep close to the people in each of the sectors we serve. We look and listen, ensuring that all our products are designed offering cost-effectiveness, durability and workplace safety with the objective of delivering solutions to make the task easier and more satisfying.

We stand behind our proven products which are thoroughly tested before being put on the market. Our guarantee is to provide you with best possible service and support.