Strong and versatile yet relocatable.

Endura-Yards can be custom designed to suit your operation using strong galvanised steel modular panels. They are quickly erected and once layout is confirmed, can be further supported by using a Y-post down inside the yard post. Excellent for use on lease blocks or as satellite yards.

One of the key benefits enjoyed by those farmers who have a set installed on their property, is that although they have a strong construction, to move the yards or change the layout as required, is incredibly easy.


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They have definitely exceeded my expectations in a number of areas. Their simple design allows stock to move quietly and effortlessly between pens and the circular pattern means that stock draw into the drafting area really well. They perform like permanent yards but have the added flexibility of being able to be pulled down and moved to a new site if required. I expected them to be louder to work in than timber yards but they are extremely quiet. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a set of yards that are hardy and built to last but also with the option of being able to be moved to another site if required. Hayden, Livestock Operations Manager - Hawkes Bay, NZ



Draft module

An integral part of any sheep yard, the draft module can be made to various lengths and comes with a tapered race making it difficult for sheep to deter from a forward flow



All gates are fitted with a built in stock proof latch


Solid top panel

Protects dogs legs, also acts as a psychological barrier for sheep meaning no frustrating moments of sheep jumping out of the pen


Pinning system

All panels and gates are pinned together using a very solid pinning system. Once assembled, the structure is very rigid.



Y - Posts can be driven down inside the post of any semi-permanent panel to give added stability without the hassle of concrete.


Panel options

All yards have the top half of panels fitted with ribbed galvanized sheeting. Working areas are fully sheeted to give easy-working sheep flow



All gates are fitting inside a heavy duty box section U-frame that interlocks with panels


Flexible options

Due to the modular design of the yards, any changes or extras can easily be fitted into yards. It’s simple to add specialized components like curved panels into existing operations


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