Make your job so much easier! Landquip permanent steel yards are custom designed to suit your farm, using a system of modular panels to give efficient stock flow. They can incorporate circular design flowing pens, fully sheeted drafting and drenching races, and loading races. They are a solid investment for any discerning sheep producer because they are quick to install, are virtually maintenance free, are stronger and safer than timber and they keep stock in better condition with their oval-shaped high tensile railing.


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Case Study


Wairarapa Sheep Farmers

Neighbours once said our old yards were the worst in the valley. Now having toured our new Landquip Permanent Steel Sheep Yards, they’ve declared them the best.

Working with Landquip, our design priorities included smooth livestock movement, higher panels and gates, safety for stock and operators, separate drafting and handling races with handling races of different widths, all covered, steel construction, customisable with Landquip Porta-Yards and other brands of portable panels to attach handler, jetter and loading ramp, future-proofed so our manual weigh crate/drafter could be upgraded to an air-assisted handler and auto-drafter. Preferably stock would run in and out the same way using a combination of bugle and lanes.

After checking the concept plans over with our stock agent and local fencing contractor, there wasn’t a lot of changes to be made. We decided to build the outer in post and rail before the friendly team from Landquip arrived to install the yards.

We got everything from Landquip we wanted and it works. By their second trip into the yards, the stock knew exactly what to do and filled the bugle. We barely need the force gates. The V- shaped drafting race brings them through at just the right speed and nobody turns back, not even the lambs. Stock fill the handling races without encouragement.

Thank you to the team at Landquip.

- Glen & Jo Clarke, Wairapa Sheep Farmers, New Zealand

Landcorp, Stuart Farm, Te Anau


After getting very frustrated with a sheep yard that had been altered over the years to suit different handling systems, Luke Wright approached us wanting to find out what the best plan would be.

After seeing photos of his existing setup along with a rough sketch of the yard plan, we came to it that the best thing was to start again.

We discussed different scenarios and after seeing some of the designs we had done previously, he settled on a Landquip design.

Tebec Farms


The owner of Tebec Farms brought the property 3 years ago knowing it would need re-development.

After viewing other Landquip Permanent Yards in use, he decided our system came out on top for it’s durability and well-designed layout.

He told us it was vital that the plan was to be compatible with various sheep handlers as he was unsure as to what his future requirements may be.

As you can see in the images in the gallery, the yards fit seamlessly in with his shed to complete his brand new custom-built setup.



Taking on a large farm development project was a big enough task for Stu to take on without finding the time to think up and plan the building of a sheep yard.

Having seen another successful sheep yard completed by Landquip, Stu got us to design a yard that would suit his farming operation, which was to future proof yard for the different handling machines that are coming on the market, and also to have a layout that requires minimal outside labour.

After the initial design process of which he had input into and the final manufacture and installation of yards, you can see from his testimonial below and images in the gallery, Stu is very happy with the finished product.

“I am very pleased with my new Landquip sheep yards - they are very well designed so that sheep flow through easily, built solid and with good height so sheep can't jump and catch legs etc. The first time we used the new yards, we drafted 2200 ewes in one and a half hours, my neighbour who was helping, commented it was the best drafting he has ever experienced. The Landquip Team are a good family unit with great backup service and their word has been their bond. We would thoroughly recommend their products & service.” - Stu & Linda Cottle





All components are fully galvanised, requiring minimal maintenance and reducing costly downtime. This superior rust protection is the ultimate finish for steel sheep yards.


Flexible design

Our sheep yard system is known for quality build and flexible design. Custom high-strength clamps give maximum flexibility in yard layout.


Solid or railed panels

All yards have the top half of panels fitted with ribbed galvanised sheeting. Working areas are fully sheeted to give easy-working sheep flow.


Slam-shut latches

All gates are fitted with slam latches, making yard work safer and faster. Simply throw the gate shut and it latches automatically.


Man access gates

All of our yards include ‘man-gates’ to allow easy access through the yard without having to climb over fences.


Smooth-top drenching race

All handling races have a smooth top rail for snag-free drenching, making a hard job easier.


Drafting race options

Drafting races come with either vertical or tapered panels, which can be made removable where a sheep handler (e.g. scanner) is required.


Incorporate any handler

Easy to incorporate any handling device into design of yard using versatile curved panels


Landquip loading races

Landquip has a full range of loading ramps, from lightweight portable models to the 8m fixed ramp shown to the left. Ask for our loading ramp brochure for full details


Why Landquip

Landquip has been designing and manufacturing smart equipment for the rural sector since 1982. Our competent staff love the challenge of creating specialised machinery that help both agricultural and horticultural farmers.

Based in Hawkes Bay, one of New Zealand’s key horticultural regions, means we can keep close to the people in each of the sectors we serve. We look and listen, ensuring that all our products are designed offering cost-effectiveness, durability and workplace safety with the objective of delivering solutions to make the task easier and more satisfying.

We stand behind our proven products which are thoroughly tested before being put on the market. Our guarantee is to provide you with best possible service and support.